AEMK Systems, Inc. specializes in high speed, vision based robotics systems for applications in the automation, assembly, and packaging sectors through a wide range of industries.

Our flagship design, the DeltaBot™, is a Delta style robot that combines leading edge speed, agility, accuracy, and reliability in a patented cable actuated design. With the DeltaBot™, high speed flexible robotic with integrated vision is now a cost effective alternative to replace dedicated material handling fixtures and devices.

DeltaBot™ Features

  • 3 and 6 degrees of freedom
  • Zero footprint
  • Zero maintenance
  • Capable of applying high compression forces
  • Load Capacity of +50lb
  • 120+ pick-and-place cycles per minute
  • Incorporated vision and conveyor tracking system options
  • Workspace: scalable to over 1.5 meters
  • Payload: scalable to several kilograms
  • Low inertia and high stiffness
  • Zero backlash ensures high accuracy and repeatability
  • Non proprietary open architecture control system

DeltaBot™ uses innovative cables instead of rigid links thereby increasing accuracy and repeatability while reducing maintenance and cost.

DeltaBot™ has been specifically developed for ease of design, assembly and integration.

DeltaBot™ incorporates a flexible control system, making integration into your system easy and painless.

DeltaBot™ is a cost effective and robust solution when compared to competing high speed robot designs.

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