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Why DeltaBot?

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Our Robots

We offer DeltaBot in two designs, a patented cable-based DeltaBot, and our signature carbon fibre DeltaBot. If you need your DeltaBot to move high payloads, the cable-based DeltaBot is the one for you – otherwise we recommend the carbon fibre design. If you need help deciding which DeltaBot is right for you, please feel free to contact Us and one of our specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

Our Design

DeltaBot is a result of nearly two decades worth of research and development – engineering and re-engineering the design, the components, and the materials. Our constant innovation and design iterations led us to our patented cable bases DeltaBot, which achieves unmatched rigidity, accuracy, and payload capacity. The quality, ease of use, and performance offered by DeltaBot Cable was to-date unheard of at its price point for industrial delta-style robots, which is a reason why we consistently surpass our customers’ high expectations.

Our newest addition, DeltaBot Carbon, is the latest member of the DeltaBot family to deliver on our promise of offering the highest quality delta robots on the market. It features a design consisting exclusively of premium materials – anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fibre- and offers maintenance-free joints so you never have to worry about costly downtime. Thanks to its carbon fibre arms, the inertia of DeltaBot Carbon is greatly reduce while maintaining a highly rigid structure for quick, accurate, and highly repeatable cycles.

Both of our designs offer customizable motor mounts so you can have DeltaBot built specifically for your drive system – whether it’s a flange or key shaft type gearbox or a direct drive, the freedom is yours. DeltaBots come fully assembled out-of-the-box for quick and easy integration with your production line. And if you ever get stuck, our specialist are only a call or email away ready to provide expert assistance to get you up and running.

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DeltaBot serves a vast range of uses in automation; from sorting parts, packaging and placing components exactly where they need to go, peeling onions quickly and effectively, to wrapping flower pots in a matter of seconds. DeltaBot gives you freedom to uses your own drive system, so if you can imagine it, you can create a DeltaBot to do it – even if it requires moving payloads of 50 lb! Whit DeltaBot Cable, you get best in-class payload and accuracy, giving you the power you need to automate your high-payload applications.










Food Processing

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Who We Are

At DeltaBot, we specialize in premium delta-style robots for a broad range of industries, such as assembly, food, packaging, and horticulture. We believe in providing the highest quality delta robots on the market, capable of lifting unmatched payloads, while being affordable and customizable to suit almost any application. We strive to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty, and provide outstanding customer service and industry-leading warranty.


Our History

We began our journey in a research lab at the University of Waterloo, one of Canada’s leading institutions for technology and innovation. In 2001, we set out with a version to develop a cost effective, high speed, premium delta-style robot with simple integration and a robust zero maintenance design. In 2006, AMEK Systems was established to commercialized the 5 years of research performed by our founder and president, Dr.Amir Khajepour. Today, we continue to seek excellence in everything we do and every customer interaction we have in order to deliver on our promise of outstanding service and uncompromised workmanship.


What We Do

The manifestation of our shared vision is the patented DeltaBot Cable, and our signature DeltaBot Carbon. Both of these delta robots combine uncompromised quality, a robust design requiring no maintenance, and offer simple integration – all in an affordable, cost effective package. As we strive to continually meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry, DeltaBot’s product line will continue to evolve and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

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